Her Majesty "Beach" Boutique
3724 SE Ocean Blvd. , Stuart, FL 34996
(772) 228-2833 or (772) 873-8888
Celebrating eight wonderful years in south Florida &
Begenning fourth year in the lovely HARBOUR BAY PLAZA at Sewell's Point!


HER MAJESTY "BEACH" BOUTIQUE is a kingdom all it's own where every lady is treated as a daughter of the King of Kings (the Lord Jesus Christ). Here SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY & SMALL TOWN CHARM meet with GOSPEL WITNESSING to form what they have affectionately coined "SOUTHERN GOSPELTALITY!"

With this Unique Boutique Retail Shopping Experience you will discover beautiful designer beach, poolside, tropical island resort & cruise wear including casual coastal chic to sophisticated caftans, kimonos & tunics in x-small to plus sizes and a vast array of contemporary to classic beach bags, sandals, sunglasses, hats, sarongs, coastal home accessoriess, designer fragrances, custom made organic beach fragranced soaps & salts, anti-aging skin care products, unique  nautical gifts, salt water taffy in tropical flavors and so much more to delight your senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste in a relaxed small town nautical coastal island resort boutique with a bejeweled uptown splash of Swarovski Elements Crystal bling.

Speaking of Swarovski Crystal Elements, Dee is an authorized dealer for the exclusive JIMMY CRYSTAL NEW YORK unique artisan hand designed Swarovski Crystal Element Collections of sunglasses, readers, watches, clutch bags.

With their many combined years experience as a designer, personal shopper, purveyor of unique products & tropical treasures, wholesale/retail buyer & mercantile owner  they are capable of sourcing numerous product lines, including retired collectibles and limitless difficult-to-find products. If you are having trouble locating a favorite lipstick shade, style of purse, rare collectible, etc. give them a call, drop by for a visit or email them thru the "Contact US" button. With widespread contacts and  frequent travels, if it can be located chances are they can find it for you.

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Photo: We have lots of new mini, middy & maxi length sundresses in sizes small to  Plus Sizes to go with your new Jimmy Crystals of New York Swarovski Crystal sunglasses and readers. Photo: Amazing designer swim wear and covers for all sizes and tastes. Photo: Amazing designer swim wear and covers for all sizes and tastes.  TTTTT

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