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Hats  & Caps



Hats have become a part of women’s fashion. The tradition of using hats has started centuries ago and it is still considered an important accessorie that is to be present in a woman’s wardrobe. Primarily  categorized as brimmed and brimless, however there are many more types and styles within each category.

Baseball brimmed hats:
These are usually cloth made caps having a wide brim in the front. As the name suggests they perfectly fit for baseball sports occasions. Additionally, these hats are also commonly worn when you want to go with a more relaxing outfit.

Flat brimmed hats:
People started using these hats since the 16th century. They are knitted caps with flat top and beret like surface. These are the most general and simple form of hats and are fit for a formal night out. There are different styles available and it’s important to find out which one perfectly suits and accents your outfit. As this is the most common hat and is worn frequently you should be comfortable wearing it.

Cocktail brimless hats:
Popular during the 1930’s and 40’s when women used to wear these hats for evening cocktail parties. These are small, often volatile and they are usually worn forward on the head. These can be made with any kind of fabric in different shapes offering a stylish versatile elegant look.

Cowboy hats:
Generally made of felt or leather material they have wide brim with a high crown. Originally worn by cow hands they perfectly suitable for the western girls who are fashion conscience. Cowboy hats are the most popular ones for both men and women and large collection of distinct styled hats are available.


Other such types of hats include visors, and berets suitable when you are going out for an entertainment trip with your family and friends. They make you look stylish and also protects from ultra violet rays.

The type of hat a woman wears defines her personality and style. Besides acting as a protective headgear, a hat also adds to one’s style and elegance. There is a wide variety of hats available in the market. One can choose according to one’s dress and occasion. Here’s a list of 10 types of hats that can make you look sophisticated and stylish both at the same time.

1. Fedora hat

This is one of the most popular hats for women which can be worn at any time of the day. Because of the availability of wide variety of colors and styles, fedora hats are often preferred for parties by women. This hat has a longer brim which also makes it ideal for wearing outdoors, so as to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Cloche Hat

This bell shaped hat makes quite a style statement. It fits tightly but elegantly and gives a bright and sharp look to the wearer. For added dramatic effects, you can add flowers, belts, bands or bows on this hat.

3. Cowboy Hat

The typical cowboy styled hat with wide brims and high crowns can make you look free spirited, adventurous and daring. Go for this hat, when you want to look bold and wild!

4. Schoolboy Cap

This cap is known by many names like ‘newsboy cap’ and the ‘baker boy cap’. This is ideal when you want an elegant yet modern look. In earlier times, this hat was worn only by young boys and men. But in modern times, it is worn by women frequently to give them a chic and modern look. This hat is round and puffy. It has front visor, hence the name ‘schoolboy cap’

5. Beret hat

This bowl shaped hat is popular in winters because it covers the head and offers good protection from cold, often made from wool. or felt offering a soft, warm and cozy feel in winter. Beret hat has a circular shape and a wide crown and worn tilted to one side providing  an innocent stylishness..